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Portable Vacuum Frame (PVF)

The portable vacuum frame is a must-have for many alternative printing processes. Unlike a contact print frame, it eliminates the glass on top making it very light in weight. Without the glass, it improves the UV absorption from your UV source (BL lamps, UV LEDs, sun). It also improves and maintains contact between negative and sensitized medium by distributing even pressure to the whole image especially as you go bigger in size.

The PVF is made of hardwood oak frames and high quality birch platform. 

Size can also be customized to fit your existing UV box. Send email at to customize your needs.


Select your sizes below or contact me to customize a specific size based on your UV light source or paper media. 


Options: (free shipping within US)

1. X-SMALL - Outside Frame Dimensions: W8" x L11"

   Working Area: Accommodates up to 6" x 9" paper/negative (15.5cm x 23cm)


2. SMALL - Outside Frame Dimensions: W14" x L19"

   Working Area: Accommodates up to 11" x 16" paper/negative (20.5cm x 25.5cm)


3. MEDIUM - Outside Frame Dimensions: W19" x L24" (will fit Arista UV Lightsource - 20x24) 

   Working Area: Accommodates up to 16" x 20" paper/negative (28cm x 38cm)


4. LARGE - Outside Frame Dimensions: W25" x L29"

   Working Area: Accommodates up to 22" x 26" paper/negative (40.5cm x 50.5cm)


5. X-LARGE - Outside Frame Dimensions: W32" x L38"

   Working Area: Accommodates up to 30" x 36" paper/negative (15.5cm x 23cm)


​*Vacuum pump is optional ($65.00 + $25.00 shipping)

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